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Title Hyundai Elevator achieved UL certificate as the first Korean elevator company Date 2013-01-23

Hyundai Elevator became the first Korean elevator company to be authorized for UL certificate*.


Total of 9 major elevator parts including control panel, inverter, motor, fireproof door, and traction machine brake are authorized by passing a safety exam for its durability, temperature increase, and voltage.


UL certificate is compulsory in some States and local governments within the U.S.A. Additionally, achieving the certificate is essential to export products to the U.S.A as it is well known and believed among American consumers.


Hyundai Elevator is also authorized for Canadian Safe Certificate ‘C-UL’. Therefore, Hyundai Elevator can begin to sell its product in Canada as well as U.S.A.


With such approach, Hyundai Elevator will strive to become a global elevator company beyond the title of the Korea No.1 elevator company by satisfying a variety of needs in the international market.     


The CEO of Hyundai Elevator Han, Sang-Ho announced “we will endeavor to be credited for our quality product in North American market in order to contribute to lead the market”.  


※ UL (Underwrighters Laboratories) is a safety standard certificate authorized by one of the U.S.A’s representative authorizations ‘Underwrighters Laboratories Inc. (UL)’ established in 1984. It authorizes for material, device, parts by testing a safety exam and product inspection throughout the U.S.A.